The pervasive theme in Paula's work, whether it be oil painting, encaustic (which migrates between 2 and 3D application) or some other non-traditional material, is her interest in organic form. From her realistic figurative paintings to the biomorphic abstract work she creates, her curiosity and intrigue in the natural world and the parallels existing therein, are undeniable. She holds a BFA (with honors) from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Mi.

Aside from a handful of years in St. Louis, she is a life-long Detroit, MI area resident and happy to be immersed in the rebuilding of the North Corktown neighborhood.
She is a member of Corktown Studios in Detroit along with fellow artists:
Alisyn Malek, Jake Chidester, Lisa Poszywak, Jaye Allen Thomas and Chris Anderson.