"While my earliest education and experimentation in art centered around sculpture, I soon found beauty in the surface aesthetics of metal patination which lead me toward painting and the city of Detroit. It is here where I really discovered the rich parallels in grittiness and character my canvas shared with Detroit and its vibrant art scene, and I have been an active participant since. 

My work is seeded in process painting and material discovery. Elements of sculpture often also continue to show up in the work. Through process and experimentation the work becomes an amalgamation of color, line and texture infused with natural history, modern thought and perception. Process is everything to my work, and generally outweighs the final product in terms of importance because of the informational and emotional release of creation. There becomes a resonance of harmony amidst scale, light, color and movement. 

My current body of work is focussed surface using the figure as both reference and lesson. These paintings exist, with their own distinct voice, somewhere in between de Kooning's women and Schnabel's plate paintings. To me they are the answer to surface and movement I have been searching for over many years. They represent a strong personal understanding of where we are as a people today...complicated, ever changing as we experience innovation, age, possibly religion and the grit of life. They are predatory as we are as a species, hedonistic as ever and become an amalgamation of beauty."

- Jon Parlangeli