About Emilie Beadle...

For many years Beadle experimented with multiple of mediums but the journey began while living on the island of Kauai. There were two initial mentors that influenced her current style.  The first was studying with a portrait artist  in her workshop where she developed a foundation and gave her knowledge for the laws of anatomy and composition. The second and probably most influential was meeting self-taught artist, Giorgio Naranjo who introduced her to painting with a palette knife. They spent  time painting en plein air at a variety of Kauai's beaches and gardens which became the turning point for her work with the pallette knife and oil.

Emilie Beadle's work is very much an expression of her "innermost thoughts and feelings".  Through the  painting process, she is able to express what she feels that using words would only diminish.  This work is both very intentional and also created with unplanned intuition.

Beadle studies poetry to try to channel her mind and focus on the emotion or experience of expression. Often times, writing a poem directly onto the canvas becomes an integral part of the painting. Her practice is intentional with the environment in where she paints, making sure it is free from distractions. Music plays a large part in the process clearing mind and allowing her to literally pour out her heart and soul onto the canvas.

Emile Beadle has exhibited her work throughout Michigan and in Texas.