Name: Leslie Ann Pilling

Years in Detroit: Born here in Detroit proper (57), moved back 5 years ago.

Working as an artist: Born an artist, had first paying art career at age 12.

Preferred Medium: Designer: Fashion, interior, architectural/structural interior elements (hoods for cook-tops + fireplaces + exterior lights +).

What is currently your favorite:

Website: Biomimcry articles on websites + + +

Work of Art: Barbie clothing my grandmother designed and stitched by hand. No patterns necessary.

Piece of advice: Life is filled with sparks, some zap you and some wake you up! By Leslie Ann Pilling.

Do you collect anything?  I hoard large architectural decorative art pieces, and collect fine art classic and modern oil paintings, metal miniature chairs of sterling and bronze, Plus tramp art and 1970’s large scale pop-art and more.

Was there an artist you admired that inspired you to be an artist yourself? Born an artist but was influenced by family friends Glen Michaels and Jim Pallas.

Is there a particular local artist whose work you admire? For this exhibition, my choice is S. Kay Young and Jon Strand. For future collaborations will be with other fine artists from Detroit.

What themes do you tend to pursue in your work? Collaborative works with water continues. In the future, the golden ratio will be a focus.

Where are you finding inspiration lately? Biomimicry and Current conversations.

Is there a single habit that you strongly believe contributes to your success as an artist? Fluid visualization.

How do you feel about the art market / scene in Detroit?  Have you seen a shift in the last few years? The Detroit scene abundant with creative’s, many long-time iconic mega-skilled and newer fine artists with talents recognized, celebrated and published. The impact value is a community local-to-global commitment to purchase authentic works.

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming exhibition? The exhibition reveals the trust involved in artists opening the doors with one another.

What one item would you grab if your house were on fire? Life.