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Midtown MONA in collaboration with Galerie Camille is proud to present:
“Where are they now?”
Closing reception and panel discussion: July 11, from 6-9pm @ 4130 Cass Ave. Detroit, MI 48201.

  view of Midtown MONA | Galerie Camille

  view of Midtown MONA | Galerie Camille

This working exhibition explores the relationship between an artist and their studio as well as the institutional support needed to continue producing artwork post-graduation.

At this Museum of New Art site [aka Galerie Camille], 6 recent graduates from Cranbrook Academy of Art will receive a 12x12ft studio space for one month.

Participating artists include:
Yoroe Lin

Rachel K. Bury

Andrew Schmidt

Daniel Greenberg

Irene Walker

Katie Zazenski

Every Friday, a working artist, critic, or curator within Detroit will conduct studio visits with the residents. The exhibition will culminate in a panel discussion with the public. This exhibition is curated by recent graduates of the photography department at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen and Kate LaPier.

This exhibition is a MONA prize winner.

image by Daniel Greenberg.

image by Daniel Greenberg.

The show will run June 6 - July 11th, 2014

@ Midtown MONA 4130 Cass Ave. Detroit, MI 48201.
Exhibition Hours: 9am-5pm
Closing Reception: July 11th, 6pm / Panel Discussion at 7pm



Summer 2014 @ Galerie Camille

MONA PRIZE Midtown Exhibition:

June 6-July 11, 2014

Graduates of Cranbrook Academy of Art are given studio and gallery opportunities at Midtown MONA (Galerie Camille). 


Fall 2014 @ Galerie Camille

Midtown MONA: Gao Brothers:

September 12-October 17, 2014

Beijing-based Gao Brothers are renowned for their installations, performances, sculpture and photography, often politically charged and socially engaging. More details are coming soon.

Winter 2014-15 @ Galerie Camille


Carbon-based Art Forms: Paintings by Ian Boyden

December 4, 2014-January 8, 2015

Artist Lecture: 
@ Galerie Camille

Galerie Camille is excited to announce an exhibition of paintings by American artist Ian Boyden. 

In “Carbon-based Art Forms,” Boyden presents recent paintings made with carbon from a variety of sources: soot from the chimney of his house, the aftermath of catastrophic forest fires, ancient Chinese pine trees, as well as carbonaceous meteorites older than our sun. The paintings explore a wondrous variety of stories of carbon—from the element’s birth in super-giant stars to inhabiting the breath of forests—allowing these stories to unfold as dynamic compositions. Describing these paintings, artist Timothy C. Ely writes: “If one works as Boyden does, with a goal of getting the self out of the way and allowing transcendent forms, ideas, and patterns to develop, an authentic art results that is vivid and present. This is art that breaks through to radiance.”

Ian Boyden works across multiple media including painting, sculpture, artist's books, photography, site-specific installations, and land art. Boyden's work has been described as simultaneously geological, industrial, lyrical, and mystical. Linking the literary, material, and visual imaginations, Boyden pays keen attention to the relationships between his work and ecological awareness. Consistent across his productions is an intense interest in material relevance, place-based thought, and ecology, with a deep awareness of East Asian aesthetics. He studied for several years in China and Japan, and ultimately received degrees in the History of Art from Wesleyan University and Yale University. His work is interdisciplinary, and he often collaborates with scientists, poets, composers, and other visual artists.

His work has been exhibited widely; including a recent solo exhibition in China at the I.M Pei designed Suzhou Museum. His books and paintings are found in many public collections including Reed College, Stanford University, the Portland Art Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

This is Boyden’s first exhibition in Detroit.