Born in Pontiac, Michigan Brian Lacey’s foray into the art world began at a young age and continued to grow through out his youth. Advancing to earn his BFA from The College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, Lacey became a common name after his residency at Red Bull House of Art, and Fortress Studios. He has been featured in both digital and print publications such as Mass Appeal, and Huffington Post.

During his inception this was an art rejected by society due to its destructive, vandalistic nature. This presented a challenge to Lacey that was deserving of a resolution. The paintings must not reject their environment from which they originate. The evolving growth is a byproduct of the more obvious decay prevalent in the works. Time is very much a part of Lacey’s creative process, which simulates the passing of time upon urban architecture and their layers of paint, writing, print advertisements, decay, and thus reconstruction.

The notion of cyclical growth through decay and reconstruction is explored through Lacey’s use and application of a variety of mediums. Paint is applied in layers in conjunction with collaged paper; plastic, drywall putty and encaustic wax only to be peeled back, scraped, and eroded with chemicals and solvents. Often times, lacey deconstructs the surface itself into shapes and patterns that are indicative of themes relevant to the concept of growth through decay/reconstruction.

Through continued exploration into early American quilt patterns and post-industrial geometry Lacey presents complex relationships between consumerist culture and the modern day ailment of the commodification the artist and his or her work. 

Lacey's artwork has been exhibited in high end galleries through out the United States and abroad such as, Inner State in Detroit, #Hashtag in Toronto, and   SPACEWOMb in Manhattan, NYC. His artwork has been shown along side established artists such as James Marshall, Mike Giant, Miss Van, and Ron English. Lacey was also selected to exhibit in the Luciano Benetton Collection in Venice, Italy.