Bowen Kline by Bruce Giffin

Bowen Kline by Bruce Giffin


Conversation with Bowen Kline

Years working as an artist:  18years
Preferred Medium:  Painting
What is currently your favorite:
Website:  EBay
Work of Art:  "The Drifter" by: Andrew Wyeth
Piece of advice: "Know yourself and never be afraid to express yourself. The only true original art is your point of view."

 Do you collect anything?  Old briefcases

Was there an artist you admired that inspired you to be an artist yourself? Franseco Clemente

How would you describe your subject matter or the content of your work?
I am a figurative painter. I hope to find my connection to people through my portraits and to show people that our differences bring us closer to our similarities.

How did you and Bowen/ Bruce end up working with each other?
I met Bruce a year ago at a show we did together. I was very interested in his photography and wanted to pick his brain and learn about something I had no experience in. As time went on, we started to plan Jive Detroit.

What have you learned about the others technique that you didn’t expect?
Spending time with Bruce, seeing his world and how he relates to it, has inspired me to view my surroundings differently. I have grown as an artist because of this.

You both have a strong body of work that involves people – what do you find the most rewarding and challenging about presenting images of people?
For me trying to fine the "real" person behind all the artificial barriers we all use as protection. Many people find it hard to show their vulnerability.

Do you have a day job?  Warehouse Supervisor.

How does it influence your current work? It doesn"t

What are you presently inspired by— are there particular things you are reading, listening to or looking at to fuel your work? I read all the time. I believe imaginative stories help keep my brain sharp and my inspiration flowing. Music is very important too. It helps stir memories that affect my approach to a new painting.

Do you see your work as relating to any current movement or direction in visual art or culture?  Which other artists might your work be in conversation with?  My Work is just what it is, my work. I told myself a long time ago that i will always do what inspires me. I paint people because it helps me find my place in this world. I am an artist, although know for a specific style, I will never stop experimenting.

How do you see this project influencing your upcoming work.  What direction do you think you will pursue moving forward? Collage has been apart of my work for sometime, but not to this extent. Such as, producing an entire show based on it. working with Bruce and this medium has opened many thoughts about continued use of outside material, other than paint, in future work. It feels great to be reinvigorated through Jive Detroit.